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Sammy Wilson and his mask: MP in spotlight for not wearing face covering correctly for second time in days


Passenger: Sammy Wilson at Heathrow Airport

Passenger: Sammy Wilson at Heathrow Airport

Passenger: Sammy Wilson at Heathrow Airport

DUP MP Sammy Wilson has been pictured again not wearing his face mask correctly in London's Heathrow Airport.

He was spotted with his face mask dangling from one ear as he checked his mobile phone.

Anti-Covid-19 rules in England mandate the wearing of masks inside airport terminals.

It's not the first time Mr Wilson has been snapped with a misplaced mask. Earlier this week, the East Antrim MP was flying from London to Belfast when he was photographed wearing a mask below his nose on board the flight.

Following that picture, the MP hit out at "snoopers", saying "I can wear my mask whatever way I want. I was wearing a mask - full stop".

Efforts to contact Mr Wilson last night about the Heathrow incident were unsuccessful.

A DUP spokesman referred the Belfast Telegraph to a party statement made earlier this week: "Face coverings have been mandatory on public transport since July 10, 2020.

"Their purpose is to protect others rather than the wearer.

"The covering should be worn correctly over the nose, mouth and around the sides of the face. Elected representatives should set an example where possible. Mr Wilson should not have worn the mask in this manner on the aeroplane."

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