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Wedding gift sheets kept for 60 years are turned into scrubs


The scrubs made from the sheets donated by woman named Evelyn

The scrubs made from the sheets donated by woman named Evelyn

The scrubs made from the sheets donated by woman named Evelyn

An elderly Co Antrim woman has donated a wedding gift of sheets she had kept for 60 years to be made into NHS scrubs.

The Dundonald woman, who is in her 80s, said she had been saving the four sheets for a special occasion and was delighted that they could be used to protect doctors and nurses working with Covid-19 patients.

Thelma Morrow, who set up the voluntary sewing group North Down and Ards Scrubs, said she was moved to tears by the gesture.

Thelma, from Ards, has already made two sets of scrubs from two of the sheets and hopes to make another two.

And she has received messages from nurses saying they would be honoured to wear them.

The sheets are of such fine quality that Thelma has designed the scrubs to retain some of their original stitching.

She added: "All we know is that the lady's name is Evelyn and she is in her 80s. She got the sheets for a wedding present and said she had been keeping them for a special occasion and that there was nothing more special than being able to give them to a doctor or nurse.

"It is such a lovely thing to do that I cried all day, and it has really touched the hearts of everyone in the group.

"The sheets are gorgeous; I don't think I have ever seen sheets of such fine quality before.

"I have kept the large double seam from the edge and used it for the hem of the trousers and on the pockets to retain some of the original quality."

Thelma has been so touched by the gesture, she asked the 300 volunteers in her group to each write a thank-you note for Evelyn.

Thelma added: "What she has done has blown everyone away, it's just amazing.

"To have kept the sheets for 60 years and never use them and give them up now is such a huge thing."

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