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Wedding singer Kirsty records version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow as special thank you to NHS staff


Tribute: Kerry McKenna

Tribute: Kerry McKenna

Tribute: Kerry McKenna

An out of work wedding singer has recorded her version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow in tribute to NHS staff and key workers.

Kirsty McKenna's weekend bookings for weddings on both sides of the Irish border for this year were cancelled as coronavirus controls closed churches and put people into lockdown.

While this brought considerable loss to the Ballinascreen woman, she wanted to recognise the huge efforts being made people who are doing everything they can to help restore normality.

She recorded the song on her social media page as her thank-you and offered it to others who want to show their own appreciation to someone they know who is a key worker.

Ms McKenna said: "I work full-time but at weekends I sing at weddings, funerals and parties but then the lockdown happened which obviously meant weddings were cancelled so I have lost a lot of business like everyone else connected to the industry.

"I decided I would do something to say thanks to all of the NHS and key workers who are doing so much for the rest of us."

Ms McKenna chose the song in keeping with the popular rainbow theme.

She continued: "I have always loved Eva Cassidy and love her version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow so to me it was the perfect song to say thank you.

"I posted the video on my Facebook page and encouraged anyone who had a family member who is a frontline worker to tag their name and share the video.

"So far more than 15,000 people have watched the video and I have had so many messages from people who work in the NHS saying they think it is lovely which means so much to me.

"They are making incredible sacrifices for everyone else and I am delighted to be able to voice my appreciation for all they do."

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