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Youngest Northern Ireland coronavirus victim aged just six months now on the mend


Scare: Lexie Girvan

Scare: Lexie Girvan

Scare: Lexie Girvan

A six-month-old baby girl - believed to be the youngest person in Northern Ireland to have tested positive for Covid-19 - has bounced back from the illness and is back to her "normal smiley self", her mother has said.

Little Lexie Girvan had previously battled through bronchiolitis, flu, meningitis and febrile convulsions, mum Claira Keenan (19) said.

The Newtownabbey woman said: "At first I didn't really know she was that unwell as she had just shaken off a dose of bronchiolitis but her breathing started to get really bad.

"I didn't really think too much of it given what she had just been through but I checked her temperature and it was 40.1C, so I stripped her down and put her to bed for half an hour.

"She then started having a seizure which was pretty scary and her temperature had gone up to 40.2c."

Lexie was taken to Antrim Hospital and admitted into an isolation unit, where she had a fit. They were allowed to go home the next day but the ordeal was far from over, with a wait for the result of a coronavirus test.

"It was terrible, it was just a constant worry," said Claira.

"I was completely scared, especially as I am pregnant as well. I had double reason to be worried, it was terrifying."

After a few more days Lexie "still wasn't 100% but was much better and in really good form".

"We took her outside in the garden at that point and let her sit in the sun," said Claira.

"After that she just got better and better. I think just a bit of fresh air around her helped a lot.

"I was completely over the moon - it was so good to see her with a smile on her face."

Claira, her partner Matthew Girvan and Lexie are still self-isolating.

Claira was also diagnosed with Covid-19 but said she's now recovered.

"I am incredibly grateful to the NHS workers and key workers who were there for us, I'm so grateful to them for their help," she said.

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