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Couples who eat seafood 'have sex more often'

By John von Radowitz

There may be something to the myth about oysters and people's sex drive after all.

Couples who eat a lot of seafood have sex more often and are quicker to achieve a pregnancy, US research has shown.

The findings may be partly explained by the effects on semen quality, ovulation and embryo development, scientists believe.

Researchers at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health in Boston tracked 500 couples for a year to determine the relationship between seafood consumption and time to pregnancy.

Their findings showed that 92% of couples who ate seafood more than twice a week achieved a pregnancy at the end of one year, compared with 79% of those consuming less seafood.

The link between eating seafood and faster time to pregnancy could not be completely explained by more frequent sex, researcher Audrey Gaskins said.

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