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Internet blamed for anxieties in children

By Emma Clark

A critical report into children's mental health services highlighted growing fears about the impact of the internet on young people's mental health.

Dr Sarah Wollaston, chairwoman of the Health Select Committee, said that during the inquiry MPs heard evidence that sexting, cyber-bullying and inappropriate online content has caused a direct increase in mental health problems in children, including stress and anxiety.

She said: "We heard from another of those voluntary bodies and they were very clear about the dangers they've been hearing from people who are being harassed as a result of sharing sexualised images and cyber-bullying in general.

She added MPs dont expect the clock to be turned back, but for people to recognise the internet is causing a new form of distress.

"In the past if you were being bullied you could go home and that would be an area where you're not subject to bullying, what children face now is that bullying follows them way beyond the walk home or the classroom, it's there all the time."

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