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Jan de Vries: Cramping concern

I am 75 years old, fit and very active. Recently I have noticed I waken quite often with cramp in my left leg. When I rise and put my weight on the floor it goes away and I am fine.

The cramp could be helped with some additional magnesium, calcium and perhaps some Vitamin E to help aid the circulation. Keep your diet healthy and continue to take regular exercise.

Bladder bother

I have had bladder infections since last autumn and I have been prescribed several courses of antibiotics but they keep recurring. I also have thrush. Can you please give me some advice?

For the cystitis, I would suggest Waterfall D-Mannose which is a 100% pure natural remedy to help with cystitis and other UTI's.

As for the thrush I would suggest taking one Acidophilus Pearl first thing in the morning. Acidophilus helps replenish the healthy bacterial flora, which can be destroyed through the use of antibiotics, and reduces the overgrowth of yeast and using Cervagyn cream in the vaginal area mornings and evenings to help improve the environement of the vagina.

You should also try to avoid fungal promoting foods such as cheese, mushrooms, yeast and wine.

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