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Live: Dr Pixie McKenna explains digestive issues and gives advice on how to manage these conditions

Digestive health issues affect millions of us every day; in fact, new research shows that two thirds of us have suffered from bloating and or trapped wind, with around 60% saying it affects them at least once a week.

The symptoms associated with digestive health problems can be annoying, uncomfortable, painful and worrying for those suffering from them, while more than half say they feel embarrassed about the symptoms.

Less than 30% say they would visit a doctor because of them, despite the fact for many they can have a big impact on their life.

However, bloating and trapped wind are often triggered by food and lifestyle choices and in many cases can be corrected with some simple changes.

Dr Pixie McKenna discusses the causes, myths and ins and outs of bloating and trapped wind, giving advice on how to manage these symptoms as well as answering many of the most commonly asked questions questions.

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