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Med diet can ease breast cancer risk by 40%: Study

By John von Radowitz

A Mediterranean diet can cut the risk of a deadly form of breast cancer by 40%, a large study has found.

Scientists monitored more than 62,000 women for 20 years to see how their risk was affected by what they ate. Those who stuck most closely to a Mediterranean diet rich in plant protein, fish and olive oil were 40% less likely to develop ER-negative breast cancer than women who adopted the diet the least.

Around 11,400 women die from breast cancer in the UK every year. A typical Mediterranean diet includes high intakes of plant-based proteins such as nuts, lentils and beans, whole grains, fish and "healthy" monounsaturated fats such as olive oil.

Professor Piet van den Brandt, from Maastricht University in the Netherlands, who led the study published in the International Journal of Cancer, said: "We found a strong link between the Mediterranean diet and reduced oestrogen-receptor negative breast cancer risk among post-menopausal women, even in a non-Mediterranean population."

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