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MMR jab catch-up plan for children

Health Minister Edwin Poots has announced an MMR vaccination catch-up programme for children aged from five to 15.

The programme, which will begin next week and last until September, aims to prevent outbreaks of measles such as the recent ones in England and Wales. Families whose children require vaccination will be advised to contact their GP.

The Health Minister said: “Although uptake rates of the MMR have traditionally been very high in Northern Ireland, there are still some children who remain unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated.

“Measles is a very serious illness and is extremely infectious. I would urge all parents to ensure their children are fully protected with the MMR vaccine, and would urge all young people who are not fully vaccinated to go to their GP and get the vaccine.”

The routine MMR vaccination is usually given shortly after a child’s first birthday and once again before the child starts school.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Michael McBride said: “It’s never too late to vaccinate.”

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