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MS sufferers get new job rights

By Claire Regan

A leading multiple sclerosis charity today welcomed new changes to the Disability Discrimination Act which it says will make it harder for employers to sack people simply because they have the debilitating condition.

The MS Society in Belfast said changes to the 1995 Acts improve the protection given to people with disabilities and widens the scope of the existing law.

Paul Woods of the MS Society of Northern Ireland said the definition of disability has been amended "so that people with cancer, MS or HIV are now covered from the point of diagnosis rather than from the point when the condition has some adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities".

He said that these changes will go some way to help right the wrongs " inflicted on many members of the MS Society in the past".

"Previously, people who were diagnosed with MS found that their employment rights were not protected in law in the way that anyone would reasonably expect," he said.

People affected should be aware they now have additional rights, and employers also need to be aware of the changes.

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