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New mobile device to provide safer cancer treatments

By Ben Mitchell

A revolutionary mobile device to deliver radiotherapy more precisely during surgery, without causing damage to surrounding tissue and organs, is to be used for the first time at a UK hospital.

The Mobetron is the first portable system able to administer the treatment in this way - known as intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) - and will start being used in theatres at Southampton General Hospital this month.

IORT is an intensive form of targeted radiation given at the time of surgery for a wide variety of advanced cancers that are difficult to remove and treat.

Using Mobetron technology, the radiation is given by electron beams delivered with precision to a very specific location inside the body immediately after a cancer has been removed.

This enables surgeons and oncology specialists to deliver much higher doses of the treatment without causing damage to healthy tissue and organs seen with conventional radiotherapy.

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