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Oily fish can cut risk of heart disease in women

Young women can dramatically reduce their risk of heart disease by eating oily fish, a study has found.

Those who ate oily fish each week cut their risk by 90% compared with women who never or rarely ate fish.

Long chain omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are believed to protect the heart and arteries.

However, most studies demonstrating the health benefits of fish oil have been conducted in men.

Because of gender differences omega-3 fatty acids might be even more beneficial to women.

The new study focused on a population of 49,000 Danish women aged 15 to 49 whose health was monitored for eight years.

All participants were asked to provide information about diet, lifestyle and family history.

During the study period researchers recorded 577 cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and strokes, five of which resulted in death.

Women who rarely or never ate fish had 50% more cardiovascular problems than those who ate fish regularly.

Compared with women who ate oily fish weekly, their risk was 90% higher.

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