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Particles of gold could treat cancer of the brain


Gold may treat brain cancer

Gold may treat brain cancer

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Gold may treat brain cancer

Tiny particles of gold could hold the key to treating the most common form of brain cancer, scientists have said. The 'Trojan horse' treatment involves smuggling tiny nanoparticles of gold into the brain to kill tumour cells.

The ground-breaking technique could eventually be used to treat glioblastoma multiforme, which is the most common and aggressive brain tumour in adults, and notoriously difficult to treat, University of Cambridge researchers said.

Many sufferers die within a few months of diagnosis, and just six in every 100 patients with the condition are alive after five years.

Mark Welland, professor of nanotechnology at Cambridge's St John's College, said: "This is not a cure, but it does demonstrate what nanotechnology can achieve in fighting these aggressive cancers."

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