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People in Northern Ireland expect shorter life than UK counterparts

By Adrian Rutherford

People in Northern Ireland do not believe they will live as long and healthy a life as those born elsewhere in the UK.

A new report suggests we expect to spend just 60 years in good health.

We will end our lives with almost 19 years of poor health, a study by the Office for National Statistics found.

Women have greater expectations than men in terms of their long-term health, it suggested.

Its report concluded that people in Northern Ireland have the lowest health expectancy estimates at birth in the UK, while people in England have the highest. Their findings are based on the period between 2009 and 2011.

The report found women in Northern Ireland expect 61.9 years of good health, followed by 19.9 years of poorer health.

Men expect their final 18.8 years to be spent in poor health, after 58.6 prosperous years.

The findings for Northern Ireland compare poorly to the rest of the UK.

It was estimated that women and men in England will spend 4.5 and 6.1 more years in good health respectively, than those in Northern Ireland.

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