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People not hydrating properly, say doctors

By Jennifer Cockerell

Many people are visiting their doctor with symptoms they do not realise are caused by dehydration, GPs have warned.

A survey of GPs found that about one in five (21%) consultations involved patients whose primary cause of concern was fatigue and tiredness, which is often caused by not drinking enough fluid.

While official guidelines suggest adults should drink between 1.6 and two litres a day, just 4% of the 300 GPs questioned said they believed their patients are aware of how to hydrate properly and research suggests that many people drink just a glass each day.

They argued that while many complain they are unable to get an appointment to see their GP, their time is being taken up by a problem that can easily be resolved.

Dr Roger Henderson, a GP and adviser to the Natural Hydration Council, said: "When people start to ensure they are staying fully hydrated they are often surprised at how much better they feel, both physically and mentally.

"It is, therefore, vital that drinking enough water becomes part of our daily routine."

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