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Salt dangers of takeaway pizza

A health charity is warning that some takeaway pizzas can contain a person’s entire recommended daily allowance of salt.

NI Chest Heart & Stroke was responding to a survey which showed huge differences between the salt and fat contents of takeaway pizzas compared with supermarket varieties.

The charity’s chief executive, Andrew Dougal, said: “This highlights one of the most glaring inconsistencies in food labelling requirements.

“Where nutritional information is compulsory — in supermarkets — food companies have made a big effort to reduce the amount of salt in their products. But because takeaways are not required to list ingredients, it’s simply impossible to know how much salt you are consuming.”

The survey, carried out by the campaign group Consensus Action on Salt and Health and the Association of London Environmental Health Managers, found that while 75% of supermarket pizzas meet lower salt targets, the same was true of fewer than 20% of takeaway pizzas.

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