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Scottish independence: Leaving UK 'could be healthy for Scots'

By Katrine Bussey

Independence could be "very positive" for people's health if it left them feeling they had more control over their lives, Scotland's former top doctor said.

Sir Harry Burns also said he feared for the NHS in England, where ministers have made "very different" decisions to Scotland.

Sir Harry said: "The question is, would people in an independent country feel more in control of their lives?

"If they did, then that would be very positive for their health. If people felt that they were able to engage more with Government and make choices more easily for themselves then that would improve their health."

But he added the question of how leaving the UK and becoming independent would make people feel more in control would "depend very much on the political decisions that are made".

He stated: "At the moment, decisions – particularly about the health service – being made in England are very different from the decisions being made in Scotland. That is very important because I fear for the way the health service is going in England."

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