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Vaccination plan call in NI for virus linked to cancers

By Victoria O'Hara

A universal vaccination programme to tackle a virus that causes at least 5% of human cancers should be introduced in Northern Ireland, experts have said.

The experts were speaking during a meeting at Stormont that led to the creation of a new group - which includes medical professionals, academics and politicians - who aim to develop a HPV universal vaccination strategy.

A vaccination programme is in place for cervical cancer, however Human papilloma viruses - known as HPV - is linked to other cancers including head and neck cancer and anal cancer.

HPV is also a major contributory factor to sexually transmitted disease.

DUP MLA Paula Bradley a cervical cancer survivor, said: "I am passionate about this initiative. Universal vaccination is a win-win situation."

Dr Gillian Prue, from Queen's University Belfast, said: "Introducing a universal vaccination strategy in Northern Ireland makes sense as it will lead to improved survival rates and a better quality of life."

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