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Wearing underwear in bed is terrible for your health, suggests Irish expert

Men who hit the hay in their boxer shorts could also be risking infertility

By Patricia Murphy

Going to bed in your underwear could end up being responsible for a number of health problems, Irish experts have suggested.

Wearing constricting undergarments overnight can create the optimum environment for a host of unpleasantness particularly in women, including an increased risk of bacterial and yeast infections.

The comment comes after American gynaecologist Dr Alyssa Dweck revealed that she advises her patients to ditch their knickers at night across the board.

“I tell my patients to sleep without underwear. If the area is constantly covered, especially by fabric that’s not moisture wicking or absorbent, then moisture collects, creating the perfect breeding ground for yeast.”

Dr Shirley McQuade, Medical Director of Dublin’s Well Woman Centre revealed that wearing underwear overnight can lead the way for infections such as bacteria vaginosis and thrush.

“Wearing underwear to bed can cause problems for women in that the temperature is increased and the circulation is low which can allow for bacteria and yeast to thrive causing problems.

“It isn’t just underwear either. Wearing tight lycra while working out can also be a cause of recurring infections in women and I would always advise them to wear loose clothing while at the gym and cotton underwear,” she said.

It isn’t just women who are advised to hit the hay commando either, as experts say wearing boxers to bed can impact a man’s fertility.

“There’s a reason why the scrotum is outside of the body and it is because temperature affects sperm count.

“By wearing boxers to bed, the temperature is often increased, which decreases sperm count and in that way impacts fertility.

“Men who sit down at work would also be vulnerable to this problem, as well as men who wear lycra while exercising,” she said.

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