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Women 'fatter because they do less housework'

Middle-aged women's waistlines have grown by six inches since 1952 because they do less housework and consume more calories, a study has found.

Service provider Saga revealed that sixty years ago the average waist measurement came in at a slim 28 inches but today it has grown to 34 inches.

Back in the day when household appliances weren’t as sophisticated and daily chores demanded more elbow grease, women were burning up to 1,000 calories by cleaning, tidying and cooking alone but today our nifty household gadgets are making us fatter according to the findings.

Today’s bulkier diets have also widened our waistlines stated the researchers.

In 1952 women consumed an average of 1,818 calories while today the average woman puts away 2,178 calories.

Other findings from the survey which compares Britain in 1952 and in the Diamond Jubilee year showed that our attitudes towards retirement have also changed.

Sixty years back retirement was viewed as a time of relaxation and rest while today nearly four in 10 adults continue working post retirement age.

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