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Heartbreaking tributes for Sean Binnie

By Deborah McAleese

Tributes were today flooding in for Belfast soldier Sean Binnie, who was killed while on patrol in Afghanistan.

Friends and family members have been posting tributes to Mr Binnie on his bebo site.

His heartbroken wife Amanda described him as the “love of her life” and “the one who keeps me going.”

In a poignant message she wrote: “I know you will get this in heaven and you are probably sitting here with me now while I am writing this shouting at me for being so sad. My darling I love you forever. Please help me at this time. Big kisses and hugs from your wife. I will see you soon babes one day. RIP my darling, go to sleep and rest and remember I need lots of hugs from heaven xxxxxx.”

The 22-year-old’s devastated mother Janette wrote that by losing Sean she has lost everything.

“Missing you my darling son. God always takes the best. I just wish he hadn’t taken you. You were too young with a life ahead of you. My darling you will be greatly missed by so many family and friends and most of all myself and your dad. We are so proud of all you achieved my darling. You will be in my heart always. I will be with you in time, we will be together again,” she wrote.

“You have left a hole in my heart son, it is no longer there. I lost everything when i lost you. Loving and thinking of you always sweetheart. Sleep well my darling son until we meet again.”

His brother Eammon Gault wrote: “I just can’t believe you are gone Sean. I miss u so much. You were a big factor in my life Sean. I love u so much brother. You will always be here with us brother. You followed your dreams and you were really good at your job. I Love you so much Sean Binnie. Sleep tight. Will miss you always Sean Binnie xxx.”

Douglas Gault wrote: “I still can’t believe you are gone and I will never see you again. I never told, but i was very proud of the things in your life. You always said you wanted to be in the army and you followed your dreams. Sleep tight. Will always miss you.”

A message from Paul-Alexander Traynor said: “I cant believe you're gone ... We're all proud of the things you wanted to do in your life. You always said you wanted to join the army and you followed your dreams. ... Gone but Never Forgotten ... Rest in Peace Sean Binnie xx.”

Karla Mason wrote: “Can’t believe you are gone Sean, just doesn’t seam real. We are all so proud of you and we think the world of you. Keep a look out for us xox.”

His cousin Sally said: “I cant believe you're gone ... I know we didn’t speak much but you were still my cousin and I’m going to miss you like hell. We never did have that night out we promised to have, why were we always busy? Work seems so petty now, I should have just taken a day off to spend with you. But ... I don't know what to say now. We'll miss you Sean, you made us all so proud x.”

Heather Binnie wrote: “Love you loads......u always were a hero!! Sleep tight xxxx.”

A message from Amy Binnie said: “Sean you are going to be missed so much. You have been taken away too soon but as a hero. Rest in peace and will see you again someday. Love ya cous. And Love to your mum, dad & Amanda x.”

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