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Heather Mills considering fresh legal challenge

Heather Mills is considering a new legal battle to try to force the publication of court papers detailing her marriage to Sir Paul McCartney, her lawyer said today.

Ms Mills, who was awarded £24.3 million in the recent divorce judgment, was frustrated that full court transcripts were held back under the terms of a gagging order.

At the same time, Mr Justice Bennett rejected claims that the full publication of the judgment, including security and living arrangements, could put their four-year-old daughter, Beatrice, in danger.

David Rosen, who took over as her solicitor-advocate when she became ``overwhelmed'' by the fact the judgment was going to be made public, said: ``It's a time for reflection. She has to consider her options."

"Everyone looks for closure. The question is whether Heather Mills has that closure or not.

"If things are being said about you, you should have a right to reply. As to how best to make that reply, that's a matter for her to consider.

"The conduct was not relevant and didn't factor in the judgment. But that doesn't mean to say it is not relevant at all to her and what people may think of her.

"She just wants the public to have the full facts of the case. She wants people to know that she was a good mother and a good wife."


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