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HIV-positive woman ‘used faked papers to work at care homes'

A HIV-positive South African woman allegedly confessed to using counterfeit documents to get work at care homes in Northern Ireland, the High Court in Belfast has heard.

A judge told about the allegations adjourned the woman's legal fight against threatened deportation to determine whether she wants to make a sworn statement.

The woman, who has lived for a number of years in Belfast, was taken to a removal centre in Bedfordshire two weeks ago under a detained fast-track process.

Her transfer followed intelligence reports about the fake documents scam used to gain employment.

She is seeking to judicially review the decision taken by UK Border Agency, partly on the basis of her having been diagnosed HIV-positive last July. The woman's lawyers claimed her doctors should have been consulted before she was moved into detention.

They argue her rights to liberty and privacy have both been breached, regardless of an apparent admission to a solicitor that she used a fake stamp on her passport to gain work.

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