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Horror fall man: I don’t know how I survived

By Amanda Poole

Northern Ireland adventurer Mark Pollock has vowed to fight his way back to health after suffering serious injuries in a fall earlier this month.

The 34-year-old, who is blind, is trying to remain positive but knows the road to recovery will be a long one.

Writing on his internet blog he said: “I fractured the back of my head, my chest and torso seemed to be filled with blood and my back is broken in three places, I think, plus some ribs.

“I don’t know why the fall let me away so lightly and I am still trying to work out how I am still alive. Now, two weeks on, I do not feel like I am in danger of dying. But the question of what I should feel is on my mind now”

He is being treated at a specialist spinal unit in the Royal Berkshire Hospital, though doctors are not yet able to advise him on his long-term outlook.

Mr Pollock has no feeling from the waist down.

“I am flat on my back in the most specialised spinal unit in the world and I am surrounded by guys who are currently paralysed from either the neck, chest or waist down. I am better off than many of these guys and worse than some. But the question that I cannot answer is — am I one of these guys at all?”

Mr Pollock had been attending the Henley Royal Regatta on July 2. Later that night, while sleepwalking, he fell 25ft from a bedroom window into the garden.

He is now left wondering whether he will ever walk again.

“My legs don’t work, I am in hospital and the doctors cannot tell me if I will get any feeling back. This is the current reality.

“Where is the line between being realistic and giving up. I am going to fight this but I don’t yet know what the fight is with. Operation, rehab, walking, wheelchair, North Pole? I do know that I will eventually work it out. The only issue is time now.”

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