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Hotel chain bans 'noisy' vuvuzelas

A hotel chain has said it was banning vuvuzelas so noisy football fans would not disturb sleeping customers.

Premier Inn said it was prohibiting the plastic horns after a number of customers took the instrument to watch England's disappointing clash with Algeria in the hotel bars.

There have already been calls to ban the instrument from inside stadiums in South Africa with broadcasters, players and some fans complaining about the incessant din.

A spokeswoman for Premier Inn said fans were making huge amounts of noise when they took vuvuzelas to the hotel bars to the watch matches.

She said: "At the Newcastle Central hotel last night fans were blowing the horns in the bar during the match and right outside the hotel as they left to go on to clubs and bars.

"They were causing such a racket the manager himself was kept awake."

She added that about a hundred people packed into the restaurant at the Heathrow branch where the game was being shown on the big screen.

The spokeswoman said: "There were loads of people in and the manager could not ask the ones with vuvuzelas to stop playing because there was no policy but staff are emphatic they don't want people playing them any more.

"Although guests don't complain we are worried they won't want to come back and we don't want to put off people who aren't football fans.

"Guests who bring the horns into our bars will be asked to take them back to their rooms, even if they are not playing them."


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