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House fire gran saves four dogs but forgets boy

A family rescued their pet dogs from a house blaze — but left their grandson asleep upstairs.

Grandmother Mandy Hands (45) saved her four greyhounds from the fire yet forgot all about 11-year-old Curtis, who was in bed.

Firefighters eventually found the boy and carried him out the bedroom window down a ladder to safety.

Housewife Mrs Hands said she was struggling with the guilt of leaving her grandson behind.

“I can't get over the fact I left my grandson in bed,” she said.

“He was visiting us, and I was panicking so much trying to get everyone out that I forgot he was in here. I never even checked on him.'

Fire broke out at the family’s terraced home in Woodway Park, Coventry, shortly after 7.20am on Monday.

Mrs Hands's eldest daughter Kerry (28) was visiting her family with Curtis but had gone out to visit a friend.

A faulty toaster is believed to have started the fire after Mrs Hands's husband Craig (41) used it to make his breakfast.

After he and eldest son, also called Craig (19), left for work, the toaster overheated after the pop-up mechanism failed.

Mrs Hands woke up when she noticed smoke in her bedroom and managed to get her son Ashley (16) and the dogs to safety.

She said: “I don't knew what it was but I just woke up quickly. The room was full of grey smoke and I just panicked.”

It was only when Mrs Hands was outside did she remember Curtis was still inside.

She said: “It was only when someone said, ‘Is there anyone else in there?' that I remembered him, but no one could get back in.”

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