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How racing ace Jenson Button brought his wife to tears


Wed: Jessica and Jenson Button

Wed: Jessica and Jenson Button

Wed: Jessica and Jenson Button

Jenson Button's wife has revealed the Formula 1 driver brought her to tears when he paid tribute to his late father during their wedding in December.

Model Jessica Michibata Button tied the knot with the driver in Hawaii around 12 months after the death of his father John.

She told Hello! Magazine: "It was an incredible day. It was very private and intimate. We wrote our own vows because we wanted to say something that was personal to just the two of us. I designed my own dress - something very simple and modest - and I could hear my sisters crying at several points during the service.

"I did cry a few times, but I cried most when Jenson talked about his father. He misses him so much and so do I. I loved him. He was like a father to me and he treated me like his own daughter.It is still very hard without him."

Jessica, who is currently in training for the London Marathon, said she exercises with her sportsman husband.

She said: "I love to push myself. So does Jenson. We do exercise together, but I can't run with him because he's way, way faster than I am. I can't even try to keep up."

She also confessed the couple want to start a family, but not just yet, saying: "I definitely want to be a mum.

"If I can be half the mother my mum was to me, I'd be very happy.

"But at the moment, I'm still working and travelling with Jenson and it's great, but it's not the best lifestyle for children, so we'll wait a while. I don't feel under pressure to have a baby right away."

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