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How the truth about McGurk's Bar took decades to emerge

The people involved in uncovering the truth about the bombing

Robert James Campbell: In 1977 the UVF man who drove the getaway car admitted his part in the attack when he was being quizzed about another murder, and it became clear that the bombing was carried out by loyalist paramilitaries. Campbell received 15 life sentences and remains the only person ever to have been convicted in relation to the explosion. He served 16 years behind bars.

Former Security Minister Paul Goggins: In 2008 Mr Goggins apologised in the House of Commons for the Government claims made 40 years ago that the bombing had been an IRA ‘own goal’. “We are deeply sorry ... for the extraordinary additional pain caused to both the immediate families and the wider community by the erroneous suggestions made in the immediate aftermath of the explosion as to who was responsible.”

Former Minister of State John Taylor, now Lord Kilclooney: Days after the bombing, following a briefing from Home Office officials, the former minister declared in Stormont that this was an IRA bomb that had exploded prematurely.

Landlord Thomas McGurk: The wife and 12-year-old daughter of the landlord Thomas McGurk were among those who died. Mr McGurk and his three sons were injured. Mr McGurk, who died in 2007 aged 86, forgave those responsible for the explosion and prayed for the men who carried out the atrocity.

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