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I can’t recall killing, says Northern Ireland spokesman’s niece

The niece of a former Tory Northern Ireland spokesman has admitted stabbing her lover to death, but said she had no memory of the killing.

French investigators described the death of 24-year-old Oliver Mugnier as a sex game gone wrong.

But Jessica Davies (30) said she could not recall the circumstances of the killing.

Davies, who has dual French and British citizenship, is a niece of Quentin Davies, the Labour junior defence minister in charge of procurement. Before defecting to Labour in 2007, Mr Davies was the Conservative spokesman on Northern Ireland.

The Paris court was told that Davies has had a history of depression, violent behaviour and drug and alcohol abuse.

In November 2007 police responded to a call from Davies saying there was a wounded man in her home, in the affluent Paris suburb of Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

They found Mr Mugnier with multiple stab wounds to the throat and body. He died shortly after medics arrived.

Davies picked up Mr Mugnier at a bar in Saint-Germain-en-Laye on the night of the killing and French investigators said his wounds resulted from a sex game that went too far.

Tests revealed that Davies had a high level of alcohol in her blood on the night of the incident, and witnesses told the court yesterday she had long had drinking and drugs problems. Davies' mother, Monique Henry, a literature professor and French citizen, acknowledged that her separation from Davies' father — a British businessman who left his family to move to Italy with his mistress — deeply upset her daughter.

“Jessica was shattered by her parents' difficulties,” she said, adding that in the months before the crime, Davies had taken to cutting her own arms and legs.

“She seemed totally empty,” Ms Henry said.

Davies said the psychological help she had received in prison, while awaiting trial, has helped her.

“I'm finally able to name my feelings and master my emotions,” she told the court.

A decision in the case is expected today.

Davies' uncle, diplomat-turned-businessman Quentin Davies, has been an MP for more than 20 years.

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