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I will not be intimidated insists man shot in raid at his home

A man who was shot and beaten after fighting off two armed robbers at his home has vowed he will not be intimidated by the ordeal.

Keith McCracken was with his wife and two daughters when the masked men called at their home outside Lurgan.

They attempted to force their way into the house on Tuesday night but when Mr McCracken fought back the robbers beat him with a sledgehammer before shooting him once in the leg.

Mr McCracken, who is in his 50s, works as a car-breaker and is well known in the Lurgan area.

Although he plans to take extra care in the future, Mr McCracken vowed he will not be intimidated and is to return to work next week.

The terrifying attempted robbery took place at Mr McCracken’s home at Rock Lane, between Aghalee and Aghagallon, shortly before 10pm.

“There was a knock on the door and two boys tried to push their way in,” Mr McCracken said.

“I tried to force them out — I had to do something — though thinking back it was probably a silly thing to do.

“One of them took a swing at me with the sledgehammer, then they shot me. I shouted to the wife to get our gun and to phone the police, but they took off.”

His two daughters, aged 11 and 18, and wife have been left terrified by the ordeal.

“The older girl came in but I told her to get out because if they started going at her with the gun it would have been a lot worse,” Mr McCracken added.

He was taken to hospital but was released yesterday.

Mr McCracken has been the victim of crime before — his house was burgled several years ago.

The thieves escaped in a red Audi A4 car which is believed to have been stolen earlier in the evening in Dromore, Co Down.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

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