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I will sue Gerry Adams and get justice for my late mother after 40 long years

The daughter of Jean McConville has said she is suing Gerry Adams to get justice for her mother almost 40 years after she was murdered.

Helen McKendry said she plans to take a civil action against the Sinn Fein president after claims in a new book that he ordered her mother’s death.

Mr Adams said last night that he “rejected absolutely” any accusation that he had played any role in Mrs McConville's murder, which took place in 1972.

But Mrs McKendry rejected the Sinn Fein president’s statement, and said her late mother’s memories would haunt Mr Adams for the rest of his life.

“I think he will deny it to the day he dies,” she told the Belfast Telegraph.

Mrs McKendry — who was just 15 when her mother disappeared — believes Mr Adams will always be haunted by Jean McConville’s name.

“Mum was such a small wee woman, and him such a big hard man, but she has come back to haunt him. She will to the day he dies,” she added.

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“Every time he hears her name he has to run.”

Confirming her plans to sue Mr Adams, she said: “It is about justice for my mother and also to clear her name.

“These were people who never knew my mother, what type of person she was.

“Just to come along and take her out like they did, and then go on to tarnish her name — that is the really hurtful bit.

“I knew my mother — they didn’t.”

Mrs McKendry again rejected the allegation that her mother was an informer.

“My dad had passed away and my mother spent a few months in hospital with a breakdown,” she added.

“Where did she get the time to be an informer for the British Army?

“Where did all the money go that she apparently had made? We weren’t exactly living the life of luxury.

“Do you think us 10 children wouldn’t have come across a transmitter in the flat? How come we didn’t find it? There was no transmitter.

“My mother was murdered because she went to comfort a British soldier on the street who was shot by the IRA.”

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