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I'll change race slur name of sandwich bar

Sambo's to roll out under identity

A Londonderry man is changing the name of his sandwich bar just a month after it opened - after finding out its name has racist connotations.

Mark 'Sambo' Simpson (29) put his own nickname above the door, ignorant that the term "Sambo" is offensive to black people, thinking it was good play on the slang term for sandwich.

When a passer-by mentioned the term's more widely recognised meaning he discovered Sambo could be offending people.

Mr Simpson contacted the Prince's Trust - who helped him set up his business - to see if the organisation could help him with the cost of changing the name.

The Trust was helpful and now Sam's Sandwich Bar and Cafe will be opening for business.

"We're going to change the name because it is deemed racist. We have to change it because we don't want to offend anybody," said Mr Simpson.

"I didn't know it was an insulting term, it was just a nickname to me.

"When I came up with the idea of a sandwich shop I thought it would be a good match. 'Sambo' here is slang for sandwich and I thought it was a good match.

"It was only after we opened that we then learnt about the other meaning."

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