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We quiz Katrina Doran on the time of her life.

Q. What was your decade and what was life like for you?

A. The 1990s. In the early 90s I was still at school and then at university, living with friends I went to school with and having an absolute ball. The second half of the 90s things really got fun. I fell in love with my now hubby. It was the early stage of work life when you finally had a bit of money but still lived and partied like you were a student.

Q. What were you listening to?

A. First half of the 90s was all about Indie music – The Smiths, The Cure, The Pixies, The Stone Roses, Nirvana, while the second half was all about dance music – David Holmes, Leftfield and Underworld. From navel-gazing to raising the roof!

Q. And the style?

A. As with the music the style was split from oversized, body swamping waffle jumpers, check shirts worn over leggings. Most of my friends favoured DM boots but I always opted for purple or black desert boots. The second half of the 90s the boys discovered we had bodies underneath our army coats when we went to raves in tight fitting T-shirts and mini skirts.

Q. What has changed?

A. The 90s is back in fashion this season which means I have a few bits and pieces from the first time round that I can give a new lease of life. No smartphones! At uni we had to use a payphone at the bottom of the street to phone home

  • Katrina Doran is a stylist and editor of online magazine

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