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We quiz Brenda Shankey on the time of her life.

Q. What would you consider to be your best decade?

A. It has to be the 1990s. I moved to Belfast from Legenderry and married Mr Shankey.

Q. What were you doing?

A. I loved moving to the big smoke. I lived like a student with all my friends from Derry. I was living on £65 a week as a hairdresser, partying in the Mandela Hall and swooning over my heartthrob Morrisey. Then I married Jason and had two amazing kids and became a workaholic. The rest is history.

Q. What were you listening to and what was your style?

A. I loved the Cure, Stone Roses and Morrissey – I was a bit of a goth. I loved being slightly different! I had dyed jet black hair, Dr Marten boots, patchouli oil scent and long hippy skirts... Oh dear.

Q. What has changed?

A. I grew up and decided to find hair and clothes that suited me. In 1997 we opened the UK's first male grooming salon and we now have six. I am still a workaholic simply because I love the brand and what we have done for men's hairdressing in Northern Ireland.

Q. What was better back then?

A. There were few mobiles then. Now there's a lot of pressure with social media to be contactable all the time. I think we've lost a bit of good old human contact, life is sometimes too fast and demanding.

  • Brenda is director of Jason Shankey male grooming and creator of a new programme designed to combat stress called Catch Yourself On, starting Sept 15 at Stormont Hotel

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