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In my day - We quiz Caeris Armour on the time of her life.

Q. What was your favourite decade?

A. The 1990s –I was born in September 1990 as the first female to enter the family in nearly 30 years!

Q. What was life like back then?

A. Simple and stress free – life then involved little more than playing football or Sega Megadrive with my large herd of male cousins.

Q. What were you listening too?

A. I was a massive Spice Girls fan – I had a white Spice Girls tracksuit I refused to take off and even painted their names on my bedroom walls.

Q. And the style, tell us about that?

A. For me it was nothing but tracksuits – my mother tried her best to get me into pretty dresses but growing up in a family of males put me firmly against such a notion! Looking back at the general style then I don't regret my choice to keep it simple.

Q. What has changed since then?

A. Everything – music, style, technology and life in general has greatly evolved in such a short period.

Q. What was better back then?

A. The general simplicity of things, and not just because of my age. There was a lot less stress about money, jobs etc.

  • Caeris Armour, assistant marketing manager at The Merchant Hotel. Visit

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