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In Pictures: Posters from Northern Ireland's troubled times

Pictures by David fitzgerald

They are some of the images which defined a generation in Northern Ireland.

Now a collection of famous posters from the Troubles era will go on display as part of a major exhibition at Belfast’s Linen Hall Library.

Crossroads of Change also features stories by Joan Lingard, whose Kevin And Sadie books were set against the backdrop of the Troubles.

The posters illustrate life in Northern Ireland from the beginning of the Troubles and reflect all sides, featuring images of both hope and tragedy.

They include a poster bill from the Belfast Telegraph detailing one of thousands of deaths from three decades of violence.

There is also an iconic image from the Ulster Democratic Party hitting out at Ian Paisley.

Another depicting Margaret Thatcher proclaims that Northern Ireland is as British as Finchley, the constituency of the former Conservative leader.

The social issues of 1980s Ulster are also highlighted in the display.

One image shows a demonstration by the Workers Party protesting against mass unemployment, while another urges support for the trade union campaign.

Crossroads of Change: The Stories of Joan Lingard opens on June 14 and runs through the summer. Entry is free.

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