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In Pictures: The girls of Lingerie Football

Fans say 'bra-vo' as new league prepares to kick off

They took rounders and turned it into baseball, netball and changed it into basketball and now the Americans are busy mutating American Football.

And for those of us who can't tell a blitz from a touchdown, it might in fact be a reason to begin paying attention.

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Stemming from the 'Lingerie Bowl', a popular alternative Super Bowl half-time show, plans are in motion to launch the wonderfully titled Lingerie Football League.

Dressed in lingerie (obviously), the players will take part in a form of American Football that involves seven players on each team, rather than the standard 11, in a professional football league for women.

The teams, with imaginative names such as New England Euphoria, Denver Dream and San Diego Seduction are scheduled to play in huge stadiums (and quite possibly in front of huge crowds of men) in a league which organisers hope will become essential viewing.

Thought by many to be a joke, the LFL is very real. The concept is inspired by the success of athletes like Anna Kournikova whose marketability is huge despite her lack of athletic accomplishments.

Scores of cheer-leaders and dancers have taken part in try-outs and the teams are ready to kick-off the league this September in what organisers promise will be compelling viewing.

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