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Ireland’s ‘Rapunzel’ sells hair to raise money for flight home

An Irish barbershop has stepped in to help out a woman who hopes to sell her hair online to raise funds for a journey to her native Lithuania.

Violeta Salaseviciene (58), originally from Vilkaviskio in the eastern European country, made the brave decision to cut her long hair.

It reached past her ankles when fully straight — but she agreed to face the chop for the first time in years.

Linda Finnegan, from Waldorf Barbers in Dublin, said that it took three hours to wash, dry and straighten the hair to ensure that they preserved every last strand.

“After growing her hair for so many years, I think that Violeta was nervous,” said Linda. “She was upset, but very happy that it was more manageable now.”

The last time Violeta had her locks trimmed was three years ago — when it was trimmed to her knees.

The barbershop is putting the hair for sale on eBay and Linda believes it could reach as much as €800 (£436) from wig manufacturers.

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