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Iris Robinson is ‘the new Tiger Woods’ as scandal goes global

Type ‘Iris Robinson’ into an internet search engine and you’ll soon realise how global this Northern Ireland political scandal has become.

Indeed, a cursory glance at Google search results shows thousands of articles on the subject of Iris Robinson's illicit affair with a teenager have been published worldwide.

Naturally, every major British and Irish newspaper — including the Financial Times — has its take on the story, but The Australian also gives readers chapter and verse about the “Ulster turmoil”, while on the same continent The Age muses about Peter Robinson’s political future.

The Taiwan News speculates that the First Minister “could be gone for good” following the lurid revelations about his wife and the Wall Street Journal speculates as to the future of the property portfolio built up by the “Swish Family Robinson”.

The Toronto Star, read by a large number of Ulster expats in Canada, highlights the outrage of Mr Robinson’s “socially conservative Protestant power base” and the United States’ most influential newspaper, the New York Times , suggests that former First Minister Ian Paisley was instrumental in helping grant his predecessor what it believes is a temporary stay of execution.

One American commentator even joked that disgraced golfer Tiger Woods owes Mrs Robinson a debt of gratitude for deflecting the attention from his multiple infidelities.

The Los Angeles Times fears for “the province's unity government of Roman Catholic republicans and Protestant unionists”.

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