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Irish baby fights for his life in Swedish hospital

The parents of a seriously ill newborn Irish baby were last night keeping a vigil by his bedside in Sweden as he fights for his life.

Daniel Collins was flown by emergency air ambulance to a Swedish centre of excellence after contracting an extremely rare form of a respiratory illness.

Daniel — from Gurranabraher in Co Cork — was just a week old when he contracted the virus, which left him unable to breathe on his own and completely reliant on a ventilator.

The Adenovirus is in the same family as the common cold — but Daniel contracted the rare form of the virus and, because he is a newborn it hit his tiny body very hard.

Born on June 24, he was initially a very healthy baby. However, a week later he developed a high temperature and was rushed to Cork University Hospital. He was started on oxygen and eventually had to be placed on a ventilator.

Respiratory experts flew from Sweden to see him and advised he be taken by air ambulance to a state-of-the-art children's hospital in Stockholm where he has been treated for the past week.

The couple have two other children, Shuan (5) and Anthony (11).

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