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‘Irish Godfather’ is arrested in crime crackdown

A man suspected of heading a vast drugs, guns and money laundering empire has been arrested during raids in Britain, Ireland and mainland Europe.

Christy Kinahan, dubbed the “Irish Godfather”, was held with his two sons when dozens of armed police descended on their €6m (£5.2m) mansion in Malaga, Spain.

The 53-year-old Irish-born British passport holder is alleged to be the kingpin of a global crime conspiracy which traded in drugs, guns and laundered hundreds of millions of euros in dirty cash.

More than 750 police officers were involved in yesterday’s raids, co-ordinated by police in London, Dublin and Malaga.

The Kinahans were among 20 people, including four Spanish lawyers, held by Spanish police during raids at properties on the Costa del Sol.

Another man arrested was Irishman John Cunningham, considered by police to be Kinahan's right-hand man.

In Britain, around 230 officers arrested nine men and two women as they searched business and residential premises in London, the Thames Valley, Kent and the West Midlands.

One man, aged in his 20s, was also arrested by detectives in Dublin during the operation.

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