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Irish mum’s fear over separating conjoined twins

The mother of conjoined Irish twins Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf has revealed her fear of handing over her two boys to be separated — but remains optimistic about the outcome.

Angie Benhaffaf, already a mum to two daughters, Malika (6) and Iman (4) with her husband Azzenine, said: “I think we'll be very sad when we see them apart because from the very first scan, the boys have been in the beautiful shape of a heart, and if you look at them today, that is their shape.

“It's very hard to hand over two healthy boys and to know that you have to do it, but I do have 100% faith in the team.”

The Cork woman gave birth to the boys, who are joined at the chest, at University College Hospital, London in December.

Separation surgery is to be carried out at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, later this year.

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