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Irish police probe cannabis 'gun bong' video

A still from the video posted on YouTube which shows a youth smoking cannabis from a rifle
A still from the video posted on YouTube which shows a youth smoking cannabis from a rifle

Irish police have interviewed a number of youths who filmed themselves smoking cannabis from a rifle and then posted the video on the internet.

The video was posted last week on YouTube by four men from Wexford, believed to be aged in their late teens and early 20s. The video was shot in a bedroom littered with bottles of beer and shows two youths passing a replica assault rifle between each other.

A cannabis joint is stuffed into the barrel of the gun and the youths inhale through the breach.

In the video, the youths -- whose faces are blurred -- inhale deeply into their gun "bong" to the sound of repetitive dance music. One of their friends captured the scene on camera.

At one stage one of the youths points the gun at the camera and laughs, having taken a toke of the cannabis.

Gardai raided a house on Tuesday and seized the "smoking gun" used in the video, having received a tip-off from a member of the public.

It's believed that the video has since been removed from the YouTube website.

Chief Superintendent John Roche said the anti-drug unit constantly monitors the internet for such activity.

"We acted immediately when we saw the video. We took it that this was a real gun. It's one thing to smoke hash, but it's another thing having a potential firearm nearby. They could've had a bullet in the breach and been playing Russian Roulette."

He said gardai made enquiries over the weekend and quickly found out who was responsible. He said the youths were shocked to find gardai at their doors.

"You wouldn't have to have been Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out," he said.

A file is now being prepared on the matter and a decision will be made by the gardai in Wexford on whether to charge the men with drug possession.

"They are old enough to know better. One of the gardai recognised one of them straight away," Chief Supt Roche said.

The gun was a replica, but looked exactly like the real thing and was bought in a shop in the Clonard area of Wexford Town.

"You can't tell the difference with these guns. If you used it in the course of a crime it would then become a firearm. We had a situation in Abrakebabra where these guns were used in the course of a robbery last year. Even the experts are fooled by them."

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