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It's Mrs Lampard as Christine Bleakley forsakes maiden name after marrying Frank

By Chris McCullough

Christine Bleakley is no more. The loved-up TV star has adopted her new husband's name and is now known to the world as Christine Lampard.

While a growing number of young, married women don't want to take their man's surname after tying the knot, the 36-year-old Newtownards girl has embraced her new persona as Mrs Christine Lampard.

The newly married Christine took time out from honeymoon bliss to change her name on her social media accounts from Bleakley to Lampard.

Frank and Christine, who have been together for six years and engaged for four, tied the knot at St Paul's Church in Chelsea with friends, family and celebrity guests on December 20.

They are spending their honeymoon in Dubai with Frank's two daughters from a previous relationship, 10-year-old Luna and eight-year-old Isla.

During a visit to a local ice cream parlour while on honeymoon Frank entertained his wife and daughters, as well as staff and other customers, by catching a scoop of ice cream hurled along the counter by a worker.

Both Christine and Frank have been very active on social media since the wedding, posting photos of them on the big day online.

Wedding guest and celebrity TV host Piers Morgan joined thousands of online wellwishers by commenting on the photo of the pair just married.

There was speculation over whether Christine would take her husband's name or if she would follow the host of celebrity females who choose to keep their maiden names. Women retaining their maiden names when married has been a debate that has raged on since the 1970s when it was more a political statement for women to keep their family surname.

When the 1980s came, women became less caring about their maiden names and higher percentages of married women changed names. More recently however, that trend is changing.

Research has shown that around 20% of women married in recent years decided to keep their last name, which is a significant increase over the 14% rate in the 1980s.

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