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It’s ok being Thai-ed up here

By Victor Gordon

Stephen Gaw doesn’t go looking for trouble. But when a man’s caught up in events like 9/11 in New York and now the Thailand airport blockade, he can’t help but wonder.

Not that the County Armagh man is equating the two. He was working in New York in September 2001 — just 400 yards away from the Twin Towers — when the hijacked planes smashed into them. And it made an indelible impact on his life.

This time, he’s having a wonderful time, marooned in Thailand for the best part of a week due to the anti-government protests that saw Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat deposed.

His father, Ellis Gaw from Portadown said: “Stephen was supposed to have flown out of Bangkok last Sunday to Newark in New Jersey when he now lives. He’d been on holiday visiting friends in Thailand where he goes at least twice a year.

“As far as he’s concerned, he’s enjoying an extended holiday and the last I heard, he was enjoying a cruise up a river and visiting a crocodile farm. He loves Thailand and to be stuck there for a few more days is his idea of paradise.”

Stephen (47) works for an ICT firm in Newark. He worked in IT for a few years and also broadened into drawing cartoons, helping out at the Beano comic — he drew Desperate Dan and Biffo the Bear when called upon!

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