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It's time to bring the boy racers to book

By Emily Moulton

Calls are being made for the Police Service of Northern Ireland to take decisive action regarding so-called "boy racers".

Eoin Doyle, vice-chairman of the Cookstown District Policing Partnership, made the call after being approached by several residents living in the Fairhill Close area who have been subjected to ongoing anti-social behaviour for the past few months.

He explained these so-called "boy racers" turn the suburban street into a makeshift race track at night and wants police to do more to stop these young motorists before someone is killed.

"This street is marked as a 30 mile zone but these racers are quite clearly doing more than that. It is dangerous. I have also been told the races are organised via mobile phone."

Mr Doyle said residents were sick of the antisocial behaviour and signed a petition which was given to Cookstown PSNI Chief Inspector Brian Williamson at a recent DPP meeting.

A PSNI spokesperson said police were taking a robust approach towards the problem in the Cookstown area.

"Between July and the present, four people have been prosecuted for careless driving and three for dangerous driving. Six people have been reported for prosecution for excess noise," the spokesperson said.


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