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Jade christening to be held at hospital chapel

Terminally-ill Jade Goody was set to undergo a christening ceremony with her two sons at a hospital chapel today.

It had been hoped the ceremony could take place in a church, but cancer-stricken Goody, who was transferred to the Royal Marsden Hospital after a bowel operation, has been heavily sedated and sleeping much of the time.

Her friend and publicist Max Clifford said the ceremony was due to take place at the London hospital’s chapel, probably just before midday, “subject to everything being ok”.

Goody (27) has been determined to raise as much cash as possible through media deals, which will go to her sons Bobby (5) and Freddy (4).

Mr Clifford said the event would be a “small affair” with about 20 to 30 close family members and friends.

He added: “In terms of parties, that will have to wait. It’s what Jade wanted to do.”

Asked how Goody, who has been given weeks to live, is at the moment, he said: “She’s heavily sedated ... sleeping most of the time, not really wanting visitors ...

“She just says a few words and wants to go to sleep ... We hope that things will pick up.”

Yesterday it was revealed that Goody’s husband Jack Tweed apologised to his wife for his criminal past as she lay in hospital.

Tweed (21) who was convicted earlier this week of assaulting a taxi driver and is on a night-time curfew after another attack, told the Sun: “I was given permission to spend the night with Jade. I’m so happy — I just wish I could be there all the time.

“I told her I’m so sorry for my behaviour in the past. It’s meant I haven’t been there for her the whole time.

“I told her I’ve let everyone down but I’ve learned my lesson. And I said I’m worried that, once again, I won’t be there for her and the family when they really need me.”

Tweed will be sentenced later this month after being convicted on Tuesday for the taxi driver assault.

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