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Jade Goody: I’ll be one of the stars in the sky

Cancer-stricken Jade Goody has told her young sons she will soon be a “star up in the sky” looking over them, her publicist has said.

The reality TV star has also made preparations for her funeral which she wants to be a “celebration” of her life, Max Clifford said.

She spent the day at home in Upshire, Essex, where her husband, Jack Tweed, and her mother, Jackiey Budden, were at her bedside.

A vicar visited yesterday for a small private service and to say prayers. Mr Clifford said he was not administering the last rites but added that she was “fading” and nobody knew how much longer she had left to live.

“Mummy’s going to heaven soon,” she told her boys, Bobby (5) and Freddy (4) when she came home from hospital on Thursday, Mr Clifford said.

“She said she’s going to be a star up in the sky so when they are looking up they will be able to see her and know that she is there, always looking over them.

“That’s her way of dealing with the situation.

Jade decided to do all she could to prepare her sons after taking advice from bereavement counsellors.

Mr Clifford said: “Jade sees this as a route for her — through Jesus and religion she has a way of keeping in touch with everybody, and with the boys. That’s why they are doing what they are doing.”

Jade first said she would leave arrangements for the funeral to others, but could not resist getting involved.

“She wants it to be a big celebration because it’s her final farewell to everybody,” said Mr Clifford.

“She’s the world’s first world reality television star. It will be a very Jade Goody event, exactly the way she wants it.”

The funeral is expected to see a cortege of cars drive through the Bermondsey area of south London, where Jade grew up.

She will be buried in the churchyard of St John the Baptist in Buckhurst Hill, Essex.

Jade (27) has also reportedly chosen her funeral music and hymns, including All Things Bright and Beautiful.

“She’s getting weaker, she’s fading, but she’s got a big heart which is probably why she’s still alive,” said Mr Clifford.

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