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Jade's husband Jack Tweed in tears as he faces prison

Jade Goody’s husband was facing another jail sentence last night after being convicted of assaulting a taxi driver.

Jack Tweed (21), of Buckhurst Hill, Essex, was found guilty of attacking Stephen Wilkins in Epping, Essex, last May following a trial at Epping Magistrate’s Court.

Tweed denied the offence.

Magistrates adjourned sentencing until March 26 so reports can be prepared on Tweed’s background. But they warned him that they were considering a custodial sentence.

Jade’s spokesman Max Clifford said she would be upset when she heard the news from court.

It is the second time in six months that Tweed has been convicted of assault.

In September he was given an 18-month jail sentence by a judge at Chelmsford Crown Court after being found guilty of hitting a 16-year-old boy with a golf club. Tweed denied the assault.

Magistrates said yesterday that Tweed would be released on unconditional bail until his next court appearance at Harlow Magistrate’s Court on March 26.

Reality TV star Jade (27) was diagnosed with cancer last year and the court was told that she has weeks to live.

She married Tweed less than two weeks ago at a ceremony in a hotel in Hatfield Heath, Essex.

Tweed wept in the dock yesterday as his lawyer Tania Panagiotopoulou outlined details of Jade’s condition to the court.

She said Jade’s illness had changed Tweed’s lifestyle.

“His partying lifestyle is well and truly over and has been for some months now,” she said.

On Monday Mr Wilkins, who is in his 50s, told the court that he picked up Tweed — and three other people — outside a nightclub in Epping in the early hours of May 5 last year.

He said Tweed became aggressive after being asked to pay the fare in advance.

Mr Wilkins said Tweed, who was sitting behind him, grabbed him in a headlock and threatened to stab him.

“He was leaning over me, over the back of my seat, with his face alongside my face screaming ‘I will stab you, you f****** c***’,” Mr Wilkins told the court.

Mr Wilkins added: “I have, as a taxi driver, picked up a lot of people who are aggressive but never as aggressive as this.”

Tweed told police he had been drinking all day before going to the club and drank 10 vodka and Red Bulls plus “a couple of shots” at the club.

He said he had no memory of the taxi journey but doubted that he would have behaved in the way Mr Wilkins described.

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